Alovitox Matcha Green Tea Powder | 16 oz


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Matcha Green Tea Powder

  • CULINARY GRADE MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER- Alovitox only uses the freshest, shade grown green tea leaves to create our original Culinary Grade Chinese Matcha Powder. No additives or artificial preservatives, just whole raw green tea leaves carefully selected and ground into a perfect powder full of antioxidants, amino aci
  • HIGHEST QUALITY CHINESE MATCHA “ We use only the highest quality, youngest, sustainably, organically and traditionally harvested Matcha Green Tea Leaves in our culinary grade Matcha Powder. Culinary Matcha Powder has a delicious grassy flavor and is a very versatile, uplifting and nutritious superfood straight from nat
  • ALL NATURAL ENERGY AND FOCUS- Matcha Green Tea is naturally energizing and mood lifting, containing about 25-35mg of caffeine per half teaspoon. The caffeine in Matcha pairs up with the relaxing amino acid L-Theanine, to offer you a balanced and stabilized energy boost without the jitters or crash many experience from
  • USDA ORGANIC + EASY TO USE- Our fresh, finely ground Matcha Powder provides you with great tasting Matcha you can use in smoothies, cakes, lattes, and teas! Our Organic Culinary Matcha is designed to be versatile and easy to use, this completely water soluble powder easily mixes into your favorite morning beverages and

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