Bacopa Monnieri Capsules – 450mg, 90 Count (Made in USA) Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Concentrated 20% Bacosides Brahmi Extract by Double Wood Supplements

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Product description

Reduce Stress Naturally Bacopa is a natural, herbal supplement which helps reduce the physical and mental effects of stress and helps improve memory over time. Boost Memory Double-blind reviews of individuals ages 18 to 64 show an increase in working and long-term memory after 4-12 weeks of consistent use. Improve Attention Bacopa helps improve one's ability to pay attention for extended periods of time.


Active Ingredients: Bacopa Extract 450mg Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsule, rice flour

  • Become Your Best Self; Bacopa helps support memory and healthy stress levels so you can feel your best and think your best
  • Non Gmo and Gluten Free; All Double Wood products, including our Bacopa, are Non Gmo and Gluten Free
  • Support Healthy Stress Levels; Studies have shown Bacopa may help support healthy stress levels
  • Support Memory Formation; Bacopa may help support the rate at which the nervous system communicates by promoting the growth of nerve cell endings called dendrites
  • Made in the USA and Tested for Purity; Our Bacopa Monnieri Extract capsules are manufactured right here in New York