Native Remedies BEC001 PureCalm Tincture for Anxiety | 2 fl oz (50ml)

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How do I use PureCalm? Dilute drops in a small amount of water or juice, or drop directly into the mouth. Adults & Children 15+: Take 0.50 mL 3 times daily. Children 10-14: Take 0.25 mL 3 times daily. Children 6-9: Take 1 drop per year of age. Children 3-6: We recommend homeopathic K-OK KiddieCalmer or Triple Complex Calm Tonic. Caution: If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care professional. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children. Note: For ongoing support, it is recommended that PureCalm be used concurrently with MindSoothe. How long until I see results? People can differ widely in their response times to natural remedies depending on individual makeup, lifestyle and diet. Some may experience a general feeling of wellness within days, while for others it may take longer before an effect is felt. Best results are achieved when it is used consistently along with a healthy lifestyle. Get optimum results with regular use Natural remedies strive to create holistic balance in the body to support systemic health. The natural ingredients in our remedies support overall health and functioning. People respond to natural remedies in different ways. To ensure you receive optimum results it is important to take natural remedies as directed and remain consistent. You may also find that a smaller maintenance amount is beneficial for ongoing support. How long will a bottle last? One bottle of PureCalm will last approximately 40-80 days (depending on frequency of use). Symptoms of Stress & Nervousness All of modern everyday life’s demands – work, children, marriage, deadlines, bills, errands – require constant attention and shifting focus. Juggling multiple roles and responsibilities while trying not to drop the ball can turn into stress.


Lemon Balm, Lavender, Passion Flower, Deionized water, Vegetable Glycerin.

  • SCIENTIFICALLY CHOSEN - PureCalm contains a selection of herbs known to soothe and support nervous system health. Using a unique, therapeutic blend of herbal ingredients lemon balm, lavender, and passion flower in a concentrated tincture formula, PureCalm provides support for balanced emotions and feelings of nervousness without risk of side effects
  • NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR PRESERVATIVES - PureCalm is available in a convenient, concentrated tincture formula that can be taken directly via drops in the mouth or added to your favorite beverage. PureCalm is also a great complementary herbal remedy to MindSoothe, an herbal supplement for supporting emotional health and wellness, as well as a balanced mood
  • DILUTE DROPS - in a small amount of water or juice, or drop directly into the mouth.
  • PROMOTES - feelings of calm during times of pressure, stress, or nervous tension. Supports soothed nerves for managing busy schedules and everyday worries. Promotes harmony, balanced emotions, and addresses nervousness.
  • 100% SAFE AND EFFECTIVE- is a non-addictive, natural herbal supplement. Formulated by our team of experts in natural medicine to promote feelings of calm and relaxation in times of stress or worry, PureCalm helps to maintain harmony, health, and a positive emotional outlook

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