Phosphatidyl Choline | 210 Soft Gels (1200 mg)

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Phosphatidylcholine is a key component of cells. Not only is it found in every cell within the human body but it is vital to cell membrane health and function. Supplementing with additional PC may provide a number of benefits. Increased PC levels help protect neurons, promote cognitive function, keep the brain healthy as it ages, and support liver health. It also increases levels of choline and acetylcholine in the brain. Many consider Phos Choline to be an enhanced version of sunflower and soy lecithin as it is derived from lecithin. It's effects are also comparable to Alpha GPC choline in the sense that it helps boost levels of Acetylcholine in the brain. Our Phosphatidylcholine softgels are gluten free, non-gmo, and are made / tested right here in the USA.


Active Ingredients: PhosphatidylCholine 1,200mg: Inactive Ingredients: Gelatin, glycerin, purified water, soy

  • SUPPORTS COGNITIVE FUNCTION – Studies have shown that PhosphatidylCholine may help enhance memory and overall cognitive function by increasing levels of choline and acetylcholine in the brain.
  • SUPPORT THE AGING BRAIN – Low levels of Phosphadtylcholine (PCC) have been linked to decreased cognitive function and impaired mental abilities, especially as one ages.
  • PROMOTES LIVER HEALTH – Low levels of Phosphatidylcholine are linked to poor liver function and increased PC may promote liver regeneration.
  • MADE IN THE USA AND TESTED FOR PURITY – Our Phosphatidyl Choline (PC) soft gels are manufactured in New York. Testing is available upon request.

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