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Puori O3 omega 3 softgels - Ultra pure fish oil omega 3, fresh, highly concentrated in dark gelatin capsules to prevent it from light exposure. It has a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, natural triglycerides from fatty fish (anchovies and sardines). The ultimate fish oil is purified and concentrated to provide a high dose of EPA and DHA and no toxins. O3 fish oil softgel contains 2,000 mg of omega-3 that helps cardiac function thanks to the high content of EPA and DHA essential omega-3 fatty acids in each dose. Highly concentrated for best effects with a lower daily dose. O3 omega3 softgels has the purest and most powerful omega 3 fish oil available, with no fish taste or fish burps. Each lot is tested for oxidation, PCB, heavy metals and omega 3 content. We constantly receive 5 stars out of 5 for quality, safety and purity. The oil contained in the fish oil supplement must be fresh and clean. Avoid the ocean fish oil that has a clear smell of fish, it is oxidized. The cooler the fish, the better the Omega 3 fish oil. We take extraordinary measures for an gold fish oil that exceeds health and safety standards. We keep it cool from the sea until bottling, working and distilling it on site. Puori O3 fish oil pills is certified by FOS (Friend of Sea) because we follow natural friendly fishing practices. Choose fish oil free of soya, dairy products, wheat, rice, sweeteners or other artificial ingredients. The body needs a balanced ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, but Western diets tend to provide many more omega 6. Increases the intake of omega-3 to rebalance. Choose between omega3 capsules and omega 3 liquid form. Omega 3 fatty acids are unstable and oxidize very quickly, capsule and dark container help to preserve freshness. Give a help to your body, buy O3 fish oil caps now!

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Each item will contain 1 x Purepharma O3: Omega 3 - Ultra Pure Fish Oil 120s

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Amaliegade 22, 2 DK-1256, CPH

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