Uridine Monophosphate - Third Party Tested (Choline Enhancer, Beginner Nootropic) 300mg, Made in USA by Double Wood Supplements (60 Capsules)

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Product description

What is Uridine Monophosphate? Uridine is a compound that is present throughout our body and plays an important role in various areas of human health. Some foods contain Uridine Monophosphate in the form of RNA including tomatoes, brewers yeast, beer and broccoli. What Are The Benefits of Uridine Monophosphate Capsules? ●Made in USA ●Gluten & Dairy free ●Non GMO Ingredients How Much Should I Take? We recommend taking 1 - 2 capsules daily.


Uridine - 300mg, Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate


Take 1-2 capsules (300-600mg) per day to support cholinergic brain function and formation of synaptic connections.

Safety Warning

Consult your physician before using this product. Do not consume more than 4 capsules per day. Do not take this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any other medications. Discontinue use and consult your doctor immediately if any adverse reactions occur. Do not take uridine and operate any heavy machinery until you know how it affects you. Keep out of reach of children. Possible side effects include headaches, upset stomach, and nausea.

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  • GREAT VALUE SUPPLEMENTS - Each daily serving of 1 capsule provides 300mg of Uridine Monophosphate. Each bottle contains 60 capsules providing great value with 60 servings giving you a 2 month supply
  • URIDINE MONOPHOSPHATE - Uridine, also known as 5-uridylic acid, is found throughout nature and is created in small amounts in the human body. We mainly obtain Uridine from the RNA of the foods we eat. Sources include tomatoes, broccoli, yeast, beer and sugarcane extract
  • THE BENEFITS OF OUR SUPPLEMENTS - Our Uridine Monophosphate capsules are soy and gluten free and made with Non GMO ingredients
  • ABOUT OUR URIDINE MONOPHOSPHATE - Our Uridine Monophosphate, and all Double Wood supplements, are sourced from GMP certified FDA approved facilities
  • THIRD PARTY TESTED AND MADE IN THE USA – Our Uridine Monophosphate capsules are third party tested and manufactured in the USA before being tested by Health Level One for purity and potency verification