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Candaid Benefits Candaid- Zahler CandAid is a powerful Candida Cleanse supplement supporting intestinal health, yeast balance and enhanced microbial support Yeast Balance- CandAid contains an exceptional blend of powerful ingredients which can help combat candidiasis. Multiple Benefits- Each capsule contains multiple benefits to help fight infection while helping build up defenses to prevent recurrence. Advanced 2-Stage Delivery Stage 1- An initial release of black seed oil, oregano, garlic and thyme essential oils is released during the first stage Stage 2-The second stage is a delayed release of beneficial probiotic organism beadlets with better bioavailability and absorption in the GI tract Optimized Health – CandAid is formulated with a unique two- stage delivery system which complement each other to support intestinal health and yeast balance Highest Quality Ingredients Zahler CandAid contains a powerful blend of highest quality ingredients such as Thyme, Oregano and Garlic Oils known for their antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It also contains Probiotics to improve total intestinal flora. Superior Timed Release Formula The unique 2 stage presentation found in Zahler’s CandAid allows for longer more stable shelf life and ease of intake. In addition, the beadlet enables combining ingredients that are otherwise incompatible so that each capsule contains multiple benefits.


Bacillus Coagulans, (2 Billion CFU), Black Cumin Seed Oil, Oregano Oil, Thyme Leaf Oil & Garlic Oil.

  • ✔ ABOUT: Zahler CandAid is a powerful candida cleanse and candida antifungal supplement supporting intestinal health and yeast balance
  • ✔ TWO STAGE DELIVERY: CandAid is formulated with a unique 2-stage liquid and solid delivery system
  • ✔ OPTIMIZED HEALTH: An initial release of essential oils complemented by a delayed release of probiotic organisms
  • ✔ BENEFITS: Each capsule contains multiple benefits to help support intestinal health and enhanced microbial support
  • ✔ MADE IN THE USA: Manufactured and bottled in a state of the art GMP certified facility

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